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These are our 80 hour taxidermy courses.

Our 2 week courses gives you flexibility in the choices of species you are most interested in.

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Bobcat on a Limb Mount

Student Kevin Norman from Utah mounted this nice life size Bobcat



The above video explains how to choose poses, turns and custom display options for Whitetail Deer.
Click the icons in the screen to play and enlarge the video screen. Enjoy!


Two Week Courses

80 hours each

Instead of limiting yourself to Deer shoulder mounts and small life size mammals, our selection of two week courses allow you choose the specimens that your customers are most likely to bring to your shop. You are free to choose whatever you're interested in mounting from the courses listed below.

PDF files must be viewed using Acrobat Reader which is available free from Adobe Inc.




Game Heads course Life size Mammal course
one Moose (large)
one Elk (large)
one Deer (small)
one Antelope (small)
(4 mounts total)
one Wolf (large)
one Black Bear (large)
one Bobcat (small)
one Badger (small)
(4 mounts total)
$8,750 $12,500
Mixed Mammal course African Game heads course
one Elk shoulder mount
one Deer shoulder mount
one Wolf lifesize
one Bobcat lifesize
(4 mounts total)
one Kudu
one Impala
one Wildebeest
(3 mounts total)
$10,750 $9,750
Alaskan Mammal course Fish course
Learn the techniques to
prep and paint 3 reproduction fish
one Caribou game head
one Moose game head
one lifesize Dall Sheep or Mtn Goat
one Wolverine or Red Fox
(4 mounts total)
one large Steelhead
one large King Salmon
one Large mouth Bass
(3 mounts total)
$15,500 $5,950
Bear Course Game head and small life size course
one life size Grizzly
one life size Black Bear
one Black Bear rug
(3 mounts total)
2 Deer shoulder mounts
1 Pronghorn Antelope
1 small life size
Choose one:
(4 mounts total)
$14,500 $5,500

February 11 - February 22
April 15 - April 26
June 17 - June 28
August 26 - September 6
October 14 - October 25
February 17 - February 28
May 11 - May 22
July 13 - July 24
August 10 - August 21
Spetember 14 - September 25
October 12 - October 23

Classes will be held on holidays during our scheduled courses.


*(we reserve the right to substitute any specimens for specimens of equal value, if availability is limited)

Subjects covered in the two week courses include cape prep, measuring, correct antler placement, form prep, finishing techniques, taxidermy vendors, ordering supplies, base construction, and marketing.

Prices include all specimens, antlers, forms, books, supplies, habitat construction materials
and your own set of taxidermy tools that are yours to keep.



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